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Intermediate and advanced players looking for a solid payer's racquet with impressive power should like this update to the Radical Pro. Built with Graphene Touch, this stick has a distinctively low-vibration response (think muted). Like the previous generation, this racquet has a Dynamic String Pattern, which optimizes the spacing of the center main strings  for better directional control. With its 330 swingweight and relatively high launch angle, the Radical Pro will not only give you easy depth, but it will also reward your topspin mechanics with a heavy ball that hops off the court. There's also plenty of plow-through, which makes it feel solid on blocks, chips and counterpunches. At net the Radical Pro feels solid, and it rewards sound preparation with penetrating volleys. Aggressive players will find enough power for ending points with a bang. The beefy swingweight comes in handy on service returns where this stick holds steady when redirecting the pace of a big first serve. Aggressive servers who can get this stick moving will be rewarded with big power on serves.Updated with a more muted and comfortable feel, this version of the Radical Pro continues to offer a nice blend of spin, power and plow-through to intermediate and advanced players.